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Yesterday Peter Thaleikis and I decided to bring an idea to life in under an hour. We've talked about working on something for a while, but decided we'd hack away at a fun little project together - something simple and quick.

The Idea: Random Elon Musk

We decided to build a Elon Musk Random Quote Generator.  We both personally love Elon Musk and thought why not? It's easy enough to put together and enables us to share Elon's wise words and funny quotes with the rest of the world.

You can access the site here.

The Approach

This was a relatively straight forward project to build and we decided to write it in PHP whilst utilising Tailwind for the UI. We split the tasks and started hacking away. I handled the front-end UI and wrote the PHP to generate a random quote whilst Peter handled the server and bringing it all together (including social sharing).

Homepage UI

It's a very simple interface to use - to generate a new quote you just click the Quote button and it will reload the page with a new quote. We may make this a live re-load in future. We've also added a tweet button to share the quote on Twitter!

Open Source

We've complied an initial list of Elon Musk quotes but we're always looking to add his latest wise and hilarious words. You can open a PR on our Github Repo: Random Elon.


Although we built the product in an hour, we decided to hold off launching until the following day as it was around 2am for Peter when we finished working on it. You can find our fun little project on Product Hunt:

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