Keeper of the Internet, Terrible with words

Note: As you may have noticed, I finally decided to setup a dedicated blog to talk about anything and everything. I'll aim to post something weekly, but I don't want to overcommit and under deliver so let's just go with the flow.

For the journalling aspect of the blog I don't have a specific structure but I aim to give a weekly update, the good and the bad,  any recommended reading or resources and maybe even looking at the week ahead. This week I decided to name this article after a song, which I've dropped into the bottom of the article!

Story Time

It's been a pretty crazy week, it's that time of year again. Yep, it's the end of the financial year which in healthcare means the end of the contractual reporting year. That means we're running around like crazy to ensure we are providing the right data to the right people.  This has meant that I haven't had a lot of time to even stop and think about everything I am currently working on. I'll be honest, I've been in a bit of a funk for the last few weeks and have really struggled with any motivation to work on my side gigs including CoderStory. Thankfully I have a partner (aka my big brother Ben) who works on it with me and has taken the reigns over the last 4+ weeks to help ensure a steady stream of content was hitting our audiences browsers and emails daily. Without him, CoderStory could have easily grounded to a halt - I'm incredibly grateful to have such a passionate and creative person to be on this journey with me, even better that he's my big brother.

The Good

This week was about getting my head back in the game in all areas of my life - including relationship, work and side hustle. I think I managed to do something positive in each area this week:

  • All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Date Night with Alex (aka girlfriend!)
  • Organised a second date night to see Avengers End Game at the end of the month
  • Hitting our deadlines for contractual reporting despite being worried at the start of the week that it would be an impossible task - as a team we turned it around!
  • Designed the personal website and got the blog up & running with D/O.
  • Wrote content piece about navigating the coding landscape for distribution on CoderStory + this blog
  • Became a bridesmaid for my brother & future sister-in-laws wedding (this included designing their wedding website - 👩🏽‍💻)
  • Organised learning plan and restarting the process - time to go back to basics
  • Bought a Blue Yeti Microphone to commit to creating a Podcast

The Bad

  • I've been feeling a little burnt out 🧯the last few weeks. Typically I work all day as an Analyst and then burn the midnight oil hustling on my own projects. However, it's been less working on my projects and more staring blankly at them.
  • Imposter Syndrome - I read about it all the time. I kinda feel like I have it. I am very self-aware of my own abilities but often put down my technical abilities because A) I am not in a developer job and B) because I'm often stumped by the simplest of technical questions. When running a site like CoderStory, it's easy to get into this mentality that I shouldn't be recommended all these resources because I don't have the experience to back it up. I'm slowly trying to get out of feeling this way - it helps when you see 10 year + experienced developers tweeting about Googling the simplest of tasks.  
  • Planning != Execution - Just because you plan to do something doesn't mean that you'll actually do it. I'm trying to re-organise my personal life processes through looking at solutions to manage all my various life tasks.
  • Put the carbs down 🥔 - I am in the last four weeks of my Personal Training and really need to get back to clean eating and meal prep.

🔥 Picks

If you're a follower of the Syntax Podcast, watch Wes & Scott attempting a tag-team coding challenge in under 5 minutes:

Next Weeks Plan

  • Organise at least 5 new interviews for CoderStory
  • Scope out Podcast - do more research into where I want to take the Podcast
  • Try to organise and agree at least 5 people to join me on the Podcast and set out a structure for the conversation
  • Publish blog post I wrote last week around getting into tech

Song of the Week

Until next time, Adios Amigos!