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Yay! I've managed to post two weeks in a row. I was worried that I would commit myself to writing these posts and then not deliver. But here we are - this won't be a particularly long post but something is better than nothing!

Comparing against last weeks plans, I didn't managed to organise five new interviews for CoderStory however I have had more submissions coming in which has allowed me that flexibility. The podcast has been slowly moving forward with a first recording happening to test the waters, Brian has agreed to be my podcast Guinea Pig so watch this space!

Story Time

This week has been a lot harder trying to remember what I had done over the last seven days. It's weird that as I'm writing this post, I can barely remember what I did yesterday. This week wasn't as intense as the week before, but somehow I seem to be more exhausted. Maybe that's my body just trying to catch up from all the madness over the past few weeks. All I know is that I've had a pretty hazy brain this week - and don't feel like I've been as productive as I could have been and often found myself having brain fog which just led to further frustration.

In other news, I've managed to record my first audio interview with Brian Morrison - a Senior Software Engineer from Chicago. We chatted about his background, his journey into tech, what he recommends for those just starting there journey and what his next steps are. I'm pretty happy with the interview, and now just need to work on editing the content and converting it to written format for the website!

Oh, and I decided to restart my learning journey. You're probably thinking how can you restart a learning journey? Well I started programming out of necessity for University projects and often jumped into a framework to build quickly. The problem with doing that is that I never learnt the fundamentals, and now that I am trying to build things - I have no idea how to approach it because I don't truly understand the basics of the language. This usually results in me knowing how to approach the problem but not being able to convert that logic into syntax.

The Good 👍🏽

As I mentioned this week has been a little less stressful, our teams main contractual submission piece happened last week so now we have a little bit of breathing room to start working on our backlog of work.

Since I've been starting my journey from the start, I wanted to learn some Javascript - so I decided to write a list of all the basics that I needed to learn. I decided to try get familiar with API's and how they work, they've always been some mythical creature that seems too hard to conquer. So I've decided to try conquer it in Javascript - it's still a work in progress but I'm learning a lot.

Who knew that formatting dates in JavaScript was so difficult? I got stuck in a rabbit hole for around two hours on Wednesday just trying to figure out how to display the current date in the format I wanted. Safe to say, I figured it out with the power of Twitter and managed to learn how to format dates with and without a framework. You can find the code snippet here.

The Bad 👎🏽

Despite lower work stress levels, this week has been pretty terrible. I've been running on reserves all week and have only had one full night sleep since last Friday night. It's resulted in my productivity dropping in both work and personal projects as well as noticing my problem solving isn't quite as logical as it usually is. Lesson = Rest is important, you can't work all the time - take some time to relax and do you!

I haven't done as much writing as I thought I would, I wasn't as inspired as I was when writing my previous content pieces so it's been a slow week where I have been writing bullet points of stuff to talk about but yet to expand on them. Hopefully this will change once my brain fog has cleared up.

Picks 🔥

Brian Morrison's Twitch Channel - Watch Brian as he works on a web app that he's bringing to market called Enviari. When he's not coding the app, he's usually teaching viewers a thing or two about building applications, and if you like to watch gamers - he plays Destiny at least once a week live!

The Dropout - Mentioned in my post around ten podcasts you must listen to, this is an eight part series following the once-famed biotech startup Theranos and how Elizabeth Holmes lost it all in the blink of an eye.

Next Weeks Plan:

  • Write article around getting started with HTML
  • Write article on dealing with burnout 🧯
  • Edit first audio interview and convert to text interview to add to CoderStory

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