Keeper of the Internet, Terrible with words

This post will be a lot shorter than most mainly because not much has been happened over the last 7 days. Unfortunately I didn't achieve anything from my to do list last week other than slightly editing the original interview I did.

Story Time

This week the struggle was real when it came to burnout. I couldn't concentrate this week but the one positive thing that came out of that is I had my ideas head on - this week Ben and I decided we would redesign CoderStory. We both felt that it outgrew its design very quickly and was not a user-first website.

The Good 👍🏽

Nothing much to report on this week, not because anything went particularly bad but not much of anything happened. The two main positives of this week were around football and ideas (as mentioned above).

Spurs (my girlfriend's football team) somehow managed to get through to the Champions League Semi Final in one of the most stressful games I've ever watched. After what felt like a lifetime and a lot of goals - Spurs made it through to play AJAX in the Semi Finals with the first leg on the 30th April.

Also, my ideas brain has been on this week even if my logical brain hasn't. This week I've managed to have a quick strategy session with Ben around next steps with CoderStory and what we can do to help grow the brand. We're discussing content, redesign and the future steps of CoderStory. On top of that I started looking at new projects to work on - thinking a indie dashboard type idea, only to improve my technical skillset and build something I may want to use to track my side projects.

My date looked FIIIIIIINE 😍

Plus we went to a wedding on Saturday which is always fun - unfortunately I wasn't allowed to drink because of the reasons mentioned in the bad but a party is a party none the less!

The Bad 👎🏽

I'm sick 🤒 For the last couple of weeks I've had very on/off sore throat and pain in my ear and I didn't think anything of it. Then suddenly on Wednesday night it hit me bad. Unbearable pain in my throat (not helped by screaming at football) and it felt like someone was jabbing my ear with something sharp. I woke up the next morning not feeling any better and decided to go to the doctors.

Turns out I have tonsillitis and an ear infection so am currently on a 10 day course of antibiotics - yay me!

Picks 🔥

The Cookie Club - A discord community full of makers who love cookies. We discuss all things food, product ideas, helping each other with code problems and more.

r/Laravel - Laravel Subreddit, if Laravel is part of your tech stack then utilise it. I've already found some super useful tips and tricks in just a few minutes of scrolling

Next Week

  • Write an article around HTML/CSS in context of building a portfolio page (most voted on a Twitter Poll)
  • Map out ideas on article around burnout
  • Finish editing audio interview with Brian and find Podcast name to launch it with.

Song of the Week